Lets get Touchey-Feely – Intro to Capacitve Sense Interfaces

What: Adding Capacitive Sense buttons or sliders to anything
Where:  VHS (270 east 1st http://vanhack.ca/wp/about/ )
When: Saturday March 8th at 4:30pm
Why: If you can make an art project, awesome; If you can make an art project that people can get intimate with, even better.
Who: Anyone with some microcontroller and/or fpga experience. Basics in electronics also suggested.
Bottom Line: Loial
This will be an introduction to capacitive sense inputs such as sliders, rings or buttons. The class will go through the basics of capacitive sensing using a few basic methods. Source for MSP430 value line (launchpad board) will be given and some launchpad boards will be available for $10 each. Donations and feedback welcome and encouraged.