VHS to solidify educational offerings: VHS Community College

For Immediate Release:

As the effects of unprecedented climate change have begun to manifest and restrictions around BC have started to lift, the VHS community is, as usual, on the forefront of hacking the planet and our future!

In that spirit, solidifying our commitment to our membership and the community at large, working with multiple agencies, organizations, community development and sustainability grants, VHS has applied and received the green light for the redevelopment of Dude Chilling Barge into a future climate change ready technological hub. As our climate changes and Antarctic ice shelves are shattering at unprecedented rates we will be ensuring our new hub has a strong focus on development of seafaring and survival skills.

Artist Impression
Artist Impression

VHS-VCC will be opening its doors later this year, with transformative programmes, including but not limited to:

  • Piracy (Archery, Fencing, Sailing, and one of Pistol or Rifle courses)
  • Log House Building (with an optional specialization in Logs and Boulders, upon request)
  • Naval Artillery (in a joint operation with the Parks Board, the 9 o’clock gun will be relocated from Stanley Park for training exercises utilizing both land targets in Vanier Park and water-based targets across English Bay)
  • Free Energy Capture (with Dr. O.R. Gonite)

Through its multiple locations, VHS is excited to be able to cover Vancouvers’ hacking needs by land and by sea, fully realizing its missions to both hack the planet, and to support the community at large in these trying times.

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