Hack The Space Night – March 19, 2013

What a night! The rain turned people away and yet it was wall to wall action.

Paul brought in this robot. It has bumper sensors to avoid (serious) collisions. Look at the intricacy in these circuits!

So pretty. While that was going on, John hooked up the hood light and fan. Here he is demonstrating it’s operation. How many of the safety signs around the Self-Repair Manifesto can you name?

A different Paul labelled a ton of wine bottles. The stickers had words taken from the last 100 VHS blog posts, sized by word count. Then he swept and took out the trash, which is always worth mentioning and applauding. Thank you, Paul, you are inspiring.

Shad was new to the space and jumped right in – together with Aaron, John, and I he raised the first table up to standing height (37″) so that the new chairs fit underneath. We then gave it a good scrub and a fresh sheet of paper. It’s so clean it’s almost dainty. Then I saw him turn a hungry eye to the Makerbot. If we’re not careful, he might get it printing again!

There was a giant box of stir sticks sitting out so I put them and the glue guns out. From now until the end of SHHH (March 23) you are encouraged to decorate a stick and attach it to the structure in any place you please. Here’s our humble starting contribution.

I haven’t even covered the mechanical contraptions we designed, the blueprints that were drawn up, or the fun with power tools. Come on down some time and see for yourself.

A week ago the table was 12″ lower and a year ago it was 6″ lower. If we graph that on a curve we can see the table will rise through the ceiling and into space. Should we use it open a hackspace on the moon? Discuss.