West Coast Wood Slabs Walnut Projects

Many thanks to West Coast Wood Slabs for donating beautiful walnut wood scraps to VHS. Thank you! Thanks also to Mike for setting up a Walnut Materials Challenge with those scraps! Here are just some of the beautiful things VHS members made:

Pen and pen holder by Sean.
Salt container by Ignacio.
Container and lid by Ace.
Container with lid by Rahul.
Containers with lids by Mike.
Cuff links by Mike.
Wooden bowl with lid by Mark.
Spindle turned sculpture (with walnut) by Mark.
Laser engraved phone stand by Luke.
A tree for the tree. Made by Logan and Roxy.
Carving mallet by Janet and Mimi.
Walnut necklace with maple inlay by Jake.
Lamp by Hugh.
Container by Eric.
Container with lid by Baptiste.

Visit Instagram to see more VHS projects. If you’re interested in donating furniture-grade hardwood scraps for our materials challenge please contact us. Thank you!