VHS to take lead in Douglas Island maker hub development

After long and tough negotiations with the greater Vancouver region cities as well as the province, Vancouver Hack Space (VHS) is proud to announce its winning bid for the provincial plans to establish a maker-island on Douglas Island (https://goo.gl/maps/t8LUxEVcju72). This will be in preparation of legislation that is currently under development that will ultimately bar any hacker/maker activity within the city limits of nearly all of the metropolitan Vancouver city councils. Over the next few months, VHS will start reaching out to fellow hacker-/maker-/creative-spaces in the GVRD to establish requirements and timelines for the eventual move. The plans for the development of Douglas Island will include a permanent VMMF structure, as well as member-accommodations and space to build log houses.

Initial construction is to commence early April of 2019.