Twilio night – Thursday July 23, 2015 @7:30pm


Twilio is a online server that allows you to send SMS (Text messages) and voice calls via a API. The Vancouver Hackspace uses this services to operate the door intercom. Many VHS members use their service in their projects and businesses. Their API is very clean and easy to use making it a great API to lean from.

During this night Steven Smethurst we be giving a short talk about the services that Twilio provides. We will also go though some examples of where Twilio is currently being used. If there is interest we will be walking thought a simple hello world style application written in php that uses the Twilio API.

Not required but it is suggested that you bring a laptop with your favorite programming language capable of making HTTP REST request. Libraries have been created for most of the major programming language


7:30 pm  – Thursday July 23. 2015


#104 – 1715 Cook street – The Vancouver Hackspace 


Anyone and everyone, guests, members, visitors anyone that would like to know more about Twilio. Donations to the space would be greatly appreciated but not required.


Its good to learn new technologies and keep your skills current.



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