DevboardAholics Anonymous Night

Do you have more devboards than you have projects? Is the teetering pile of boards threatening to topple and crush a household pet? Do you have a google alert for “arduino compatible” on kickstarter? Can you use boards running “blink” instead of christmas lights? Are the sketchy radio dev boards heating your house, and cooking eggs in their shell if you put them on the workbench?

It might be time to admit that you have a problem – and then celebrate that problem with the rest of us!

Bring your boards down for a collaborative show and tell.

What: Showing off and chatting about different developer boards
Where:  VHS (270 east 1st )
When: June 23rd, 2014. 7:30PM.
Why: we need a reason?.
Who: Anyone with or interested in different devboards
Cost: Nothing upfront, but you know in a moment of weakness, you’ll probably end up buying more…