Want to Build a Quadcopter At VHS?

Quadcopter in flight

Give the gift of making this winter and build a Quadcopter at VHS. EIGHTEEN have signed up!

Project News

2013-11-13: The time to get in on the group order has now closed. We are placing the order today. We will have more news as soon as we have a tracking number.
2013-11-10: The Neuchatetl, Switzerland Fablab is thinking about making our quadcopters, too.
2013-10-30: Group ordering began
2013-11-13: Group ordering closes
2013-11-22: Online Purchases completed. Off-the-shelf parts are in the mail!
2013-11-26: All packages confirmed in the mail and being tracked to local warehouse.
2013-11-27: How to video filming at the VHS

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Tell me more About the Quadcopter

Our ‘expert experts’ have designed, built, and tested a beautiful laser-cut quadcopter frame (pictured above). It measures almost half a meter wide, is strong enough to carry a GoPro and it can fly for up to 10 minutes. To make the experience that much better it comes with a second battery, an external charger, a full remote control,  and many extra propellors.  All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and 8 AA batteries. Everything else is covered in the cost of the kit – $250. To register – use the paypal link above. Updates will be sent to the email address you have registered with paypal.

How Hackable/Open is it?

Very! The flight controller – the brain – is Arduino derived and open source. The radio transmitter has open source firmware available. The laser cut frame design we’ve created will be available for your modification. The radio has three extra PWM channels that can be controlled from extra switches and dials on the transmitter.


Where do I get the parts?

Dan is collecting fees for the quadcopter parts group buy. Please click the Paypal button above before November 13th to get in on this action. The vending machine will have extra propellors.

What skills do I need to assemble this beast?

You will have to do some very light soldering in one place and we will help you with it. The rest of the assembly is simple, clean, and fast – you can put together this quadcopter in less than 2 hours. A ten year old can do this.

When are these build events?

Jon & Dan are running two Quadcopter build days this winter. The workshop is free and everyone is welcome – those who aren’t VHS members are asked to make a small donation to the space. The final date for the build event depends on how fast the supplier delivers the parts for the kits. We would like to have one Saturday in early-mid-December if they are fast enough. We will definitely have one Saturday in January, two if the order is late. Stay tuned to this page for further details.

Great! Now how do I fly it?

If the weather is good we will be running flight school outdoors.

What about Safety?

The blades spin quickly and are made of stiff plastic which can cut at high speed. Quadcopters weigh almost a kilo and can climb to great heights. The biggest danger is the weight if it falls out of the sky. Please do not fly the quadcopters indoors at VHS – they’re a bit too big for safe indoor flight. What you do in your own home is your business. We assume no liability etc etc.

Any Questions We Haven’t Answered?

Contact us and let us know.


1 Comment on “Want to Build a Quadcopter At VHS?

  1. Hi ,

    I spoke with John (on Sat/Nov 23rd) regarding the upcoming class to build a quadcopter.
    I like to sign and take the class, but you have already ordered the parts.
    If you got a spare kit, or someone dropping from the class – let me know.

    Thanks , Paul.