Month: February 2013

Ottersoft “Tiny” 3D Printer Demo @ VHS open night 2013-02-26

The “Tiny” is a fantastic new printer coming soon. It can print 700mmx400mmx300mm and can move at 500mm/s and print at 300mm/s. It has a resolution of 9 microns X and Y and less than 1 micron in Z.

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Using the Raspberry PI to control a Arduino – Thursday Feb 21st, 2013 @7:30pm

Continuing from our previous Raspberry PI workshops. VHS is going to host another Raspberry PI workshop. What:  In this workshop we will be covering these two topics. Intro to the Linux command line by goldfish A workshop on how to connecting and controlling a

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3D Modeling and Printing with Houdini

If you have ever wanted to use Houdini, or create procedural 3d models for printing, then this night is for you. We will be going over how to do basic modeling in Houdini Apprentice, a free version of one of

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Photos from Raspberry Pi Blinky night

Photos from Raspberry PI + Python + WebIDE + GPIO pins = Blink sketch – Tuesday Feb 5th   Online tutorial can be found here Raspberry PI and the GPIO pins, Blinky Script  

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Vancouver Ingress cross-faction Meetup – Tuesday Feb 12th

Come one, come all to the first second Vancouver Ingress cross-faction Meetup on Tuesday, February 12th at 7:30PM.  This event will be held at the Vancouver Hack Space – 45 West Hastings St.  Instructions on how to get to VHS

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Raspberry PI + Python + WebIDE + GPIO pins = Blink sketch – Tuesday Feb 5th

I have been playing around with Raspberry PI (, Python (, Adafruit WebIDE ( and RPi GPIO pins recently ( The Blink sketch is the most basic sketch for an Arduino Its a very simple sketch that just turns on

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Pictures from the TV-B-Gone Build/Upgrade Night

Here are some pictures from the TV-B-Gone workshop held at VHS last week    

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