Month: February 2012

Intro to puppet making workshop – Monday, March 26th, 2012

We are planning on running a Intro to puppet making workshop on Monday, March 26th, 2012 (craft night) I am by no means an expert in the art of puppet making but with experience I would like to get good at

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Printed Gear Heart

[youtube] Stephen says “printed a copy of this screw-less Geared heart found on Thingiverse.  It took about 8 hrs to print it. Made it for a birthday for one of my friend. More info“

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Bioluminescent Algae Demo – Thursday, 23 Feb, 2012 @ 7pm

Biolesce is an art project exploring bioluminescent dinoflagellates through physical computing.  The dinoflagellates emit light when physically agitated (moved). We will discuss this work-in-progress, the various configurations tried out thus far, and a demonstration of a simple arrangement of motors

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Call for Artists VNM Festival 2012

The Vancouver New Music Festival 2012 will be dedicated to hacking electronics and glitch The term glitch is generally used to describe a short-lived fault in a system, or a break from a flow within a system, which was designed

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What did you make at the space today? Oh, you know, just a magical world of animated puppets

Steven & Co made these awesome puppets.  If you make something at the space, take a photo and let us know!

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PHN night is a Phone Hacking Night – Feb 21st, 2012 @ 7:30

Sick of under-utilizing your smart phone?  Want to share your experience with twilio integration?  Need to confess your tablets ability to help you cope with the singularity?  come get your phreak on this tuesday at VHS’s PHN. Iphones, Nokias, Androids,

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Maker Faire swag/flair-making night

It’s time for a swag/flair-making night! Let’s get ready to show our enthusiasm for Maker Faire at the “Meet your Makers” kick-off party, happening on March 15th at the Museum of Vancouver! What: Vancouver Mini Maker Faire Swag/Flair-making Night When:

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I’mma let you finish, but I just have to say that this plotbot is awesome!

I’m really digging the first test drawing that the new plotbot squeezed out from it’s steppers. The image it created on the paper was generated by a couple of different tweaks to the AFMotor+AccelStepper example code. This plotbot is made

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Every day I’m Makerin’

A special hello to last night’s visitors from France! My face when I learned Paris has eight hackspaces You’ve met Tim the new guy, right? 95% awesome, 15% kick ass. He’s been to the space twice and finished two different

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Thursday open nights, 19:30-22:30

Do you love the VHS? Previously scheduled thingimajig that conflicts with open Tuesdays? Too many awesome makers to find a seat Tuesday nights? Rest easy! Thursdays are your new favorite time to get your make on. Same bat channel, different

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