Bike Ride From Outer Space – Glow bike ride tonight !

Hello all hackers, crafters, knitters, and bike enthusiastic.

There is a glow bike ride tonight starting at science world so deck out your bike in glowing things and join us. We will be meeting up first at VHS at 8pm then heading to science world around 9:20 (science world is only 10min bike ride away) and joining the rest of the people.

I am going to be dressed up a mario and you should dress up too, something silly!

Make sure you download the track list below.




More info

Attention Space Cadets. We here at Mission Control have spotted an inbound bike ride, currently crossing the orbit of Mars. We would like to share with you our strategic plans for dealing with this out-of-this-world ride. There’s some important info in here. Please take a few minutes to read through!

We’ll be meeting at Science World at 9:00PM and starting the ride at 10:00PM sharp.

Our Chief Astrogator has determined the most likely route that this ride will follow, assuming we don’t run into any rogue asteroids…​outes/view/45620108

Several stops have been planned along the way to do some spaced-out invading, and maybe load up on some dilithium crystals:

  1. The band shell at the Plaza of Nations (10:30)
  2. Second Beach in Stanley Park (11:15)
  3. The underpass at Devonian Park (12:00, brief, just to mass up)
  4. Third Beach in Stanley Park (12:15)

If you’re going to be late, we’ll be easy to find. Ride the route backwards, or just go fast in the right direction. We’ll be slow, loud, well lit and silly.

We have assembled some amazing tunes from around the universe and assembled them into a super spaced-out party mix.

You can find the mix here:​/R18Y6CZGRM

Put the mix on your MP3 player of choice and make sure it’s charged up. Strap some battery powered speakers to your bike. Just before we start the ride, we’ll make an announcement via megaphone to get everyone with a sound system to gather in one spot. Then, we’ll do a countdown and all hit ‘Play’ at the same time. Voila, synchronized rolling SPACE PARTY!

Part of the fun is getting your bike decked out like a Buck Rodgers wet dream. Corner the market on glow sticks, EL wire, bike lights and anything else shiny or blinky. Let’s light up the entire city!

If its nice out, we ride. If it’s iffy, we ride. If its raining a little, we ride. If it’s pouring, we don’t ride. If you aren’t sure, show up anyways. Someone will be there from 830pm til 1030pm to let people know if the ride is cancelled. Fingers crossed!


We are not responsible for your safety; YOU ARE!

We have done our best to ensure that the route taken is well lit and wide, but it does involve a little riding on some dark and narrow paths. We should attempt to obey all traffic laws. If we get split up, we can rejoin at one of the several stopping points along the ride, so please stop at red lights and stop signs.

When riding on bike paths, watch out for oncoming riders and give other space invaders room, since most of us will probably be swerving a little. On other large party rides a few people got hurt due to being incredibly intoxicated. While we don’t have any issues with people having a good time, do try to avoid getting so wasted that you smash into people and cause them to get hurt. If you’re riding with someone super drunk, try to encourage them to ride at the back of the pack.

If you choose to drink while riding, you should try to avoid being incredibly obvious about it. If you are one of those folks who likes to yell obscenities at the police whenever you see them, please stifle that urge for the duration of the ride to avoid drawing negative attention. Try smiling and waving instead. Wear a helmet and all that other safety/legal junk too!

Finally, if you feel like helping, we welcome folks to bring bike tools or first aid equipment just in case.

Rubber side down, spacey side up!

PS – Here’s the tracklist if you’re interested:

  1. intro: calling occupants of interplanetary craft – the carpenters
  2. cosmic surfin’ – ymo
  3. spaceman – the 5th dimension – babylon zoo
  4. time and space – digable planets
  5. distant star – heliocentrics
  6. object unknown (piano roll) – dj spooky and kool keith with sir menelik
  7. halfsharkshalfalligatorhal​fman –
  8. livin’ astro – kool keith
  9. sci fi wasabi – cibo matto
  10. creature from outer space – sonny day
  11. nuclear war – sun ra
  12. third stone from the sun – jimi hendrix
  13. a space boy dream – belle and sebastian
  14. ETI – blue oyster cult
  15. space girl blues – devo
  16. motorway to roswell – pixies
  17. alien she – bikini kill
  18. i turned into a martian – the misfits
  19. red planet revisited – comsat angels
  20. books about UFOs – hüsker dü
  21. mojo man from mars – the cramps
  22. a visit to a sad planet – leonard nimroy
  23. it came out of the sky – creedence clearwater revival
  24. my flying saucer – billy bragg
  25. flyin’ saucer boogie – eddie cletro and his roundup boys
  26. flying saucer – little walter
  27. we’re UFOing – jimmy durante in outer space
  28. man from mars – butch paulson and the motations
  29. here come the mini martians – j. richman and the modern lovers
  30. freewheel burning – judas priest
  31. spacehopper – annexe
  32. starliner – lee perry
  33. the purple people eater – sheb wolley
  34. alien – leonard nimroy
  35. zero from outer space – tome petty and the heartbreakers
  36. telstar – the tornadoes
  37. the little space girl – jesse lee turner
  38. mars landing party – placebo
  39. prisoner of mars – stereolab
  40. death ray boogie – pete johnson
  41. when you see (those flying saucers) – the buchanan brothers
  42. have you seen the stars tonite – jefferson starship
  43. after the gold rush – neil young
  44. poor boy – split enz
  45. spaceboy – smashing pumpkins
  46. never say goodbye – roky erickson
  47. 3rd planet – modest mouse
  48. jupiter, the bringer of jollity – gustav holst
  49. ground control to major tom – david bowie